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Project management

Stansile uses a unique model to identify and attract only innovative healthcare projects that fit well-documented settings, particularly in Africa. Before any project is thought about, we identify and document policy problems and raise interest in local leadership to look for solutions. Then, our typical project begins by establishing a network of stakeholders sharing interest in a specific field of healthcare, co-lead by local stakeholders. Together, we establish a research agenda and develop work packages around it and then raise funding for our stakeholders. As soon as funding has been awarded, we help our stakeholders throughout the whole process from preparing for contracts until the execution. During the project we reliably help focus partners on research activities and maximize project outcomes. We set up realistic workflows, create safe project workspaces, and manage external stakeholders.

Training & Capacity Building

With our CISDAS Model, we believe in local ownership of project agenda and sustainability of interventions. To achieve this, we organize on-site or virtual trainings, ranging from workshops with hundreds of attendees to smaller, tailor-made events for individuals or institutes. Our short trainings and coaching sessions range from protocol development, presentation skills, leadership courses and grant management. We facilitate best practice exchange with fellow managers and administrative units from partners, set up mentorship programmes, and introduce career or personal development plans for young researchers in the project that we are leading.

Disseminatio& communication

As a partner in research projects, we support in dissemination and communication. This being part of the CISDAS model, we explore available data and research results together with partners and  establish dissemination plan at all levels. We use hands-on approach to organize conferences and all forms of dissemination platforms.

Mediating solution networks

Since we work both at the proximity of patients and field healthcare workers in Africa and at the level of understanding what sponsors are interested in, we mediate networks of collaborators. We use our experience of different collaboration networks such as EDCTP to create focused networks of scientists, clinicians and tech leaders to solve a well-defined problem in Africa.

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